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Saturday, 31 May 2008

A Look At the Workings of Google's Data Centers

A Look At the Workings of Google's Data Centers: "Doofus brings us a CNet story about a discussion from Google's Jeff Dean spotlighting some of the inner workings of the search giant's massive data centers. Quoting: ''Our view is it's better to have twice as much hardware that's not as reliable than half as much that's more reliable,' Dean said. 'You have to provide reliability on a software level. If you're running 10,000 machines, something is going to die every day.' Bringing a new cluster online shows just how fallible hardware is, Dean said. In each cluster's first year, it's typical that 1,000 individual machine failures will occur; thousands of hard drive failures will occur; one power distribution unit will fail, bringing down 500 to 1,000 machines for about 6 hours; 20 racks will fail, each time causing 40 to 80 machines to vanish from the network; 5 racks will 'go wonky,' with half their network packets missing in action; and the cluster will have to be rewired once, affecting 5 percent of the machines at any given moment over a 2-day span, Dean said. And there's about a 50 percent chance that the cluster will overheat, taking down most of the servers in less than 5 minutes and taking 1 to 2 days to recover.'

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