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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The old idea of ether in which planets floated? Not so silly now: Hubble Survey Finds Half of the Missing Matter

Hubble Survey Finds Half of the Missing Matter: "esocid sends along the news that scientists believe they have found about half the missing matter in the universe. The matter we can see is only about 1/8 of the total baryonic matter believed to exist (and only 1/200 the mass-energy of the visible universe). This missing matter is not to be confused with 'dark matter,' which is thought to be non-baryonic. The missing stuff has been found in the intergalactic medium that extends essentially throughout all of space, from just outside our galaxy to the most distant regions of space. ''We think we are seeing the strands of a web-like structure that forms the backbone of the universe,; Mike Shull of the University of Colorado explained. 'What we are confirming in detail is that intergalactic space, which intuitively might seem to be empty, is in fact the reservoir for most of the normal, baryonic matter in the universe.''

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