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Sunday, 29 June 2008


I'm still not convinced!

Colonoscopy: "I had one at 11:20 this morning, and I’m sitting here typing this, and thinking about the results that’ve been coming in on Wide Finder 2, and I’d better donate to Aquamacs because release 1.4 is looking seriously cool, and just went out and photographed a couple of flowers. If you’re over fifty, you should get in line for one, because it’s just not that bad and it can save your life.
The bad part is not the procedure itself, it’s the day before. Doctors like a clean workspace and so you have to drink four liters of this horrid concoction which leaves your innards clean; don’t go far from the bathroom. After the purging process, the next-worst is the 24 hours’ fast. The procedure itself, with me at least the anaesthetic was very deftly administered, I became alert about halfway through, long enough to enjoy (really) watching the video screen as they explored the landscape. In fact, they gave me a screen-grab picture and by running it here I could have out-goatse’d goatse but there are bounds of good taste even for a blogger.
Oh, they inflate your intestine so they can look around, which causes a few minutes of cramps, but nature provides a way to solve that problem.
Seriously; colon cancer kills a lot of people and the best way not to die from it is to catch it early. Go get a colonoscopy if you’re in the demographic, and pester your loved ones to do the same."

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