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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Your Mum was right: Spit Will Be Worse Than Spam

"KentuckyFC writes 'A team of German computer scientists has developed a program that reproduces all the known forms of spit (spam over internet telephony) attack . Their plan is to make the spitting software available to computer security experts wanting to test antispit strategies. Developing these won't be easy. There are various antispit techniques such as white lists that allow only calls from predetermined callers, Turing tests such as audio CAPTCHAs that make a caller prove he or she is human and payment-at-risk services where the caller makes a small payment in advance and is refunded immediately if the receiver acknowledges the call as legitimate. But all have weaknesses say the researchers. The main difference between junk calls and junk email is that the email arrives at your mail server before you access it. This gives the server time to analyze its content and filter out the junk before it gets to you. Not so with internet telephony which is why radically different strategies are needed.' (Via Slashdot.)