.................with apologies to Alistair Cook

Friday, 1 August 2008


...not normally a problem in the USA - unlike in Spain at the Marbella HQ where the demands of the staff, computers and air-conditioning units overwhelm the abilities of Sevillana to keep a constant or regular supply, so power outages and brown-outs are the norm there. The regular "beep, beep, beep" of the UPS' is a tune familiar to all.

However, yesterday, as well as a loud bang across the road from the office where the electricity company were working (with no apparent damage to life, limb or property), we also suffered a total shut-down at home along with the rest of the apartment block as the nearly 30-year old transformer outside blew - quite spectacularly, with molten metal sprayed all inside the casing.

3 vans, lights flashing, one crane, 5 engineers and 3 hours later, power was restored to cheers from the various onlookers.

A shot of the newly installed electrical box and the guys who got us back up and running - no Internet in the house for two hours!