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Thursday, 18 September 2008

T-Mobile 3G expanding to 21 markets inc. Orlando, by mid-October

Now we're gaining some momentum! After waiting and waiting for T-Mobile to get their high-speed wireless broadband market going, the ball is rolling. In fairness, T-Mo was delayed when they had to wait for the Feds to give up usage of that valuable spectrum. Are the squatters all gone then? They will be in these cities within the next four weeks: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco and Seattle all get lit up soon. Six markets follow by year-end: Birmingham, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis and Tampa join the 3G goodness. Now if we can just get some handsets to leverage the 3G speeds, we'd all be happy. Of course, we figure that Google Android phone that's officially getting unveiled next week ought to tide folks over for bit, right?"(Via jkOnTheRun.)