.................with apologies to Alistair Cook

Sunday, 14 June 2009

20 years of CIX

It's 20 years ago this year since I first ventured onto CIX, a UK-based (originally bulletin board - for those of you too young to know what this means, ask your parents!) conferencing system and a fount of knowledge, fun and a social and business meeting place.

Using a modem running at 2400 baud if I remember correctly. The excitement as I paid about UKP 400 for a 9600 upgrade. Sad, but true. Now of course, it's IP all the way, using either the web based forums or, for the die-hards, an off-line reader called Ameol.

Wiki has the bare-bones of the history.

Sheesh. So much has changed. I originally joined for the Netwire conference - which was the only UK based source of technical support and patches for Novell' Netware software - still one of the best OS' ever written, that got beaten in the marketing stakes by Microsoft and Windows NT.

Lots of good friends dating back from the very beginning - some of whom I still haven't met face to face! Births, deaths, marriages, divorces - all the rich tapestry of life was there. Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers fame was a member as were most of the technical journalists who wrote about the early days of personal computing.

In this day of free forums and Google, is CIX still value for money? Yup. It's a shame that its glory days are past but until the last server is switched off and the connection to the outside world cut, I'll still be paying my UKP 7 per month...