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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

No pre-conditions? "Demilitarisation" doesn't count as one then?

If any further proof was needed that Israel's current PM has no intention of offering a realistic program that the Palestinians would have any chance of selling to their people for a possible two-state solution, then this BBC report should be enough to show that he's merely posturing.

The Jewish people wouldn't accept such a "solution" if suggested for them - does he honestly think that this is anything other than laughable?

Netanyahu seeks 'demilitarised Palestine

The US has put pressure on Mr Netanyahu to accept a 'two-state' solution
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced he will back a Palestinian state - but only if it is completely demilitarised. He said a Palestinian state must accept the existence of Israel and must have no army, no control of its air space and no way of smuggling in weapons.

Mr Netanyahu's speech comes a month after US President Barack Obama urged him to accept a two-state solution.

The Israeli leader offered to talk to the Palestinians immediately.
He said he was willing to talk with no preconditions, adding: 'We want to live with you in peace as good neighbours.'

Mr Netanyahu also said he was willing to go to Damascus, Riyadh and Beirut in pursuit of a Middle East peace deal."

(Via BBC News.)